Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Continuing Saga

The drywall has been repaired and the popcorn ceiling is down. tomorrow they paint the ceiling. the cabinets are being delivered on Friday as well as the new appliances. except for the floor, we should be down in about 1 1/2 weeks with the kitchen. It can't come soon enough. I am getting sick of eating out. I can barely finish a meal as the food is just making me sick!

Here is a layout that I did of my hubby, ed and me from 6 years ago in St. Augustine. If you have never been there, try and make a trip. It really is a beautiful little city, with lots to see.

Monday, January 26, 2009


They started the demolition today. There is nothing left in the kitchen. As promised, here are a few pictures. This is a shot of the kitchen before we started anything. there Then there are some of the kitchen as it stands now, empty

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I got a call from Ed while he was coming home from Trap Shooting. HE decided that we wshould go ahead and do the whole downstairs with the wood floor! YEAH!!!! It is going to look georgeous! I can't wati until I see the finished product.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's Started

Well, the electricial came today and started to reroute all of our electric outlets that we will need and the new light switches. There are holes on every wall. He also moved both a/c vents out so that they would not be in the way of the doors. I think that I have almost convinced my hubby to put the new wood floor throughout the entire downstairs. YEAH!!! Everyone has told him that it would look nicer and be cheaper in the long run. I know that it will be a lot more money, but if we every decide to finish up with wood, we probably would not be able to find the same thing again. That's why we are going with wood in the first place, we could not find another box and 1/2 more of our tile that we put down about 6 years ago. I will try and post some pictures in a day or two.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well, we are going to start the demolition on Monday! This weekend I need to pack up the entire kitchen. What a job that will be especially since I am not feeling well. I have another cold, the second one in a month! Will post pictures as things progress.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This week has been a very exciting week for me. I was chosen Layout of the week (LOTW), on my favorite site, Scrapdango! here is the layout that I did of my Mother and niece.

We are going ahead with our Kitchen remodel. We have all ready bought our appliances and are waiting for the sink and faucet to arrive before we start demolition! Here es the artist rendition of what the kitchen will look like. It is a little light, but I hope that you can see it well enough. Tonight the contractors will be here to show us the final prices and new wood flooring to choose from. We were going to keep our existing tile, but we needed 2 more boxes. The manufacturer stopped making that design and there is no more to be had. Oh, well. I love wood floors and I guess that this is the way to get them.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Empty Nest

Well, the nest is empty again. The last of the baby birds just flew out on USAir. It sure is quiet. You can hear every click of the keyboard. I will post some pics tomorrow with the boys comparing their new toys.

This morning everyone went out to the Original House of Pancakes. That was a challenge for me. I finally came up with scrambled eggs with saluted veggies and salsa on top. I did cheat and have buckwheat pancakes. I am now getting hungry and it is after 4 PM. So, I will just have something sensible for dinner. Tonight we are going out since I have cooked for a couple of days in a row and forgot to take something out for dinner for tonight.

I did stop on the way home from the airport at the LSS in Lake Worth and picked up a stamp that I had ordered. While I was there, I signed up for another class using paste and stencils. This is an exciting class. I will post the cards when they are finished.

Friday, January 2, 2009


On Scrapdango, we were challenged to think of a word to try and live by for the year It took ma a couple of days, but I finally thought of one. HEALTHIER.

I am not saying that I am dieting, but trying to eat healthier and live a better life style. so far, I have not had any junk food or snacks between my meals. I walked one mile today. I am just going to take one day at a time. the other challenge is to do a layout of the word we choose. This might be a little trickier. I am still pondering that one.

On another note, my youngest son, Scott is in for a few days to visit. It is always good to see him. He is always trying to encourage me to walk and loose weight. I am hoping that this is the year that I turn things around. Tomorrow my middle son and future daughter-in-law comes back home. Instead of going out for breakfast, I just might make something here. If anyone out there has any good, nutritious breakfast maeals for me, please feel free to e mail them to. I guess I will hit the internet and weight watchers cookbooks.