Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's been Months

I realize that I have not posted anything since February of this year. After my father's birthday on february 18, my world has just been in a spiral. Dad went into the hospital for 11 days. For a while it wasn't looking too good. He was septic and in ICU for a few days. The worst part of it, was that he had 2 separate infections in his body, and he has had a mitral valve replacement in the past. He finally went into rehab, came out in May, back in the hospital for 2 days. He almost tore the place apart. His discharge from the rehab happened when I was in Washington,DC and his readmission was when l I was in Oregon/Washington. After all that, things were going fairly smoothly for me. Work was slow, so that was tough, but otherwise things were okay. During all of this, we finally finished the kitchen. Pictures to follow in another note.

Fast forward to last Tuesday. I get a call at 6:30 AM. It's my dad telling me that my mom fell and broke her hip. One of the neighbors walking their dog found her. so, off to the hospital I went in the Ambulance with my father and husband in the car. Of course she was admitted, and there I am with Dad. I had to bring him home for his pills and breakfast. He was very upset, and shaken. Started calling or texting the family so that they would k ow. Cancelled mom's Mah Jong game and by then her entire club knew what was happening. Surgery was on Wednesday. Boy, was she out of it for 3 days. My sister, Jennifer, came down on Thursday afternoon to help out. Dad has had an aide since coming out of the hospital,but she was useless. I contacted the agency to see about full time help. We are starting on Monday morning with someone new. I am so glad that Jennifer will be there to help get things straight from the beginning. Yesterday, Saturday afternoon, she was transferred to the rehab hospital. We ended up having 8 people in the room visiting! All family! We then all went out to dinner. Got home around 10:30, and crashed until around 8 this morning.

I promise to keep up with the blog from this point on. I will also fill you in on other things that have happened since February. I have done some scrap booking and will post some of my layouts here. I don't want to burden you all with much more this time around.

Thanks for "listening" to me ramble.