Friday, April 22, 2011

So much has happened in the past 4 months

It really has been a whirl wind around here.  I have managed to do some scrapping and card making, but have yet to post any.  In the mean time, my father has not been home since his last hospitalization.  He has been in and out of the hospital, nursing home and now back in rehab ( about 6 months now).   My parents sold their house in December and we needed to pack my mother up in 5 weeks!  She just didn't understand that she would have gotten back her house insurance money pro rated until closing if she had given us a little more time to get things done.  My sister came down and packed all the big items, which left me with all the little stuff.  You know, the things that you just can't throw away, but have no place to put them in a house that has 3 less rooms.  Parting with items has been difficult.  we finally made the move for mom, and have unpacked and re-arranged the rooms twice.  After 34 months my sons finally got pictures on the wall even though she wasn't sure of which ones or placement.  we just made most of the decisions for her and made her feel as if they were her own.

During all of this, my youngest son, Scott announces that he is going to marry the love of his life, Melissa.  She is a wonderful woman, and will add such more love to this family.   They will be getting married on May 22, just one day after he graduates from medical school.  Talk about a busy weekend!  I am just so happy for the two of them.  Without even realizing it, they picked Jason and Kim's 7th wedding anniversary to be married on.  they came down here in March so that Papa could see them marry as he will not be able to go the the religious ceremony in Maryland.  It was real nice of her father and his girlfriend to travel down to Florida for this event and to meet people that they have never even spoken to.  I think that my father understood what was happening.  sometimes it is hard to tell.

I got a new job in January, 35 minutes from home, in Weston, Fl.  It is all highway driving, but the tolls are getting outrageous along with the gas prices.  The job itself is fine, it's just that it still isn't permanent or steady some weeks.

March, my eldest son Jason, came down to Florida to visit with the grandparents since it had been almost 1 1/2 years since he last saw them.  Living 3,000 miles away and being on deployment can make visiting some what tricky when you are working for the armed services. We certainly do, as this family has been at it for 14 years with at least two sons in at a time.

Ed and I celebrated my 60th birthday with a trip to discovery Cove and Sea World for the weekend.  what a fabulous way to spend a birthday, relaxing and swimming with the dolphins.  Of course, I managed to come home with a slight sore throat, and now have a full blown cold with wheezing!  It is now 2 AM and I can't sleep because of the steroids that thy have given me.  I really need some sleep.