Sunday, January 4, 2009

Empty Nest

Well, the nest is empty again. The last of the baby birds just flew out on USAir. It sure is quiet. You can hear every click of the keyboard. I will post some pics tomorrow with the boys comparing their new toys.

This morning everyone went out to the Original House of Pancakes. That was a challenge for me. I finally came up with scrambled eggs with saluted veggies and salsa on top. I did cheat and have buckwheat pancakes. I am now getting hungry and it is after 4 PM. So, I will just have something sensible for dinner. Tonight we are going out since I have cooked for a couple of days in a row and forgot to take something out for dinner for tonight.

I did stop on the way home from the airport at the LSS in Lake Worth and picked up a stamp that I had ordered. While I was there, I signed up for another class using paste and stencils. This is an exciting class. I will post the cards when they are finished.


GinniG said...

Hopefully empty won't mean lonely! Put that energy into scrapping!!! Maybe YOU can make the SD GDT someday too! :) Love ya GF!

Sue said...

Have fun with your new scrappy stamp, maybe that will help take your mind off your empty house!