Friday, November 28, 2008

Did I do the wrong thing?

Wednesday, on my way way from work, I had a "guilt" thing happen.  I was helping a co-worker give a patient a drug.  About 15 minutes later I saw her draw up the same drug to give to this same patient again.  I said, we just gave that drug, and her response to me was" no we didn't, I removed that syringe a while ago and stopped giving it.  No the doctor wants it given a different way.  SO, on my way home, I called my supervisor and told her what had happened.  ( the actual version is a little longer and more detailed than this version.)  She said that she would look into it.

Well, on Wednesday, after I got off the plane, I had a message that I should be into work at7:15 A.M. on Monday.  I have been so worried that I did the right thing, or just jeopardized my job!  Monday morning seems to be such a long way off, but i am not looking forward to it.  I do not want to call (or maybe I do) my supervisor on her cell, just to find out what is going on.  I'm am so worried.  We need to have me work, even if it is only part time. I need to have courage to go to work on MOnday.  I almost would like to call in sick.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Butterfly World

Well, I finally got to go to Butterfly World. I have only lived in South Florida, with in minutes of the park, and have never been there. There really isn't much to the park, it's not like going to Disney. We did see many of the butterflies that are in the brochure, and plenty of finches. The hummingbirds were harder to see. As you can see, I have all ready uploaded my pictures.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today started off the just the way a Saturday should, with a good facial that includes a back, arm and foot massage! I then went to get my nails done and then my hair. I called Ed, my spouse, about 11:30 AM to let him know just where I was in the beauty process as we where g-oing to get together with my middle son, Aaron and his fiance for lunch. At 12:20, my phone rang, and I could not hear anyone on the other end. I called back, and NOTHING!, not even a ring!!!!! "after a few minutes of trying to call, I realized that there was something definitely wrong with my phone. After lunch, Ed and I went to the Sprint store. They sent us to another store that has a service department. Because we didn't have a service contract, we would have to pay to get a new phone, but there were none to be had. If we wanted we could buy another phone and extend our contract by 2 more years! Well, that didn't sit well with Ed or with me. so off we went to make a few calls. First Ed called customer service, your can imagine the service we received. We finally ended up calling Palm, and they were able to fix the problem over the phone by backing up our info on our pc, and then putting the phone back to factory setting. Problem fixed, and no need to extend a contract or buy a new phone!

Now I hope to try and catch up on some e mails and then get to the scrapping mode! No new pics today, maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1.2008

I can't believe that it is November all ready. Today my son, future daughter-in-law, and husband went out for lunch together. It is about the only time that I see Aaron, as he is in medical school and studying very hard. this is his first year. His younger brother is in his second year of medical school! Aaron went into the Navy first, then college. Scott, went to college first and now is in the Air Force doing his medical school. My oldest, Jason, has been in the Navy for 11 1/2 years now. He is about 6 courses from his bachelors degree. I will post some pictures of the three of them. they haven't been all together in about 8 or 9 years because of their careers.

This is Scott with his cousin Heather.

The top photo is of Jason and me in Victoria, Canada this past September. the other picture is of Aaron.