Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The kitchen is comming along. The cabinets are half way in and up. We have made a few more changes (again). We now have to cut away the wall in back of the fridge so it doesn't stick out so much. We are also having the cabinet man make a very narrow (6 inches) deep cabinet to go on the side of the pantry so that you don't see just a blank wall. we also did n't move the air conditioner vent out far enough, so that has to be redone, and then the painters will be back to fix the ceiling again, and paint the walls. I still haven't taken any recent pictures, but I will tomorrow after the cabinets are finished or almost done.

I had a little bit of disturbing news today from one of my doctors. I took a blood test last week, and it came back positive for Celiac disease. Now that doesn't mean that I definitely have it, but most likely do. I have to go in for an upper endoscopy next Wednesday, so wish me luck. I will do anything for this stomach pain to go away. I live on Previcid and Pepcid complete. It is becoming old. Tomorrow Ed is going to have cataract surgery. When it rains it pours in my house. It seems to always be something else.

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GinniG said...

Shelley, hope you don't have that disease and that it's something they can treat quickly and soon! How's Ed doing? Can't wait to see the new kitchen! Hopefully the workers are feeling better again. ;)