Sunday, November 9, 2008

Butterfly World

Well, I finally got to go to Butterfly World. I have only lived in South Florida, with in minutes of the park, and have never been there. There really isn't much to the park, it's not like going to Disney. We did see many of the butterflies that are in the brochure, and plenty of finches. The hummingbirds were harder to see. As you can see, I have all ready uploaded my pictures.


GinniG said...

AWESOME Shelley! Did you LOVE it? I'm glad you finally got to go! The weather was perfect for it today too! Still can't read your post about yesterday, but that's okay. This one's working just fine. :) I'm SO proud of all you've learned to do on the computer lately!!

KerrynF said...

That photo is fabulous Shelley, how lucky are you!
Don't worry Ginni I can't read it either.

kathi_minikatie said...

Shelley, that is a gorgeous photo - I bet you got lots of great pics!