Friday, November 28, 2008

Did I do the wrong thing?

Wednesday, on my way way from work, I had a "guilt" thing happen.  I was helping a co-worker give a patient a drug.  About 15 minutes later I saw her draw up the same drug to give to this same patient again.  I said, we just gave that drug, and her response to me was" no we didn't, I removed that syringe a while ago and stopped giving it.  No the doctor wants it given a different way.  SO, on my way home, I called my supervisor and told her what had happened.  ( the actual version is a little longer and more detailed than this version.)  She said that she would look into it.

Well, on Wednesday, after I got off the plane, I had a message that I should be into work at7:15 A.M. on Monday.  I have been so worried that I did the right thing, or just jeopardized my job!  Monday morning seems to be such a long way off, but i am not looking forward to it.  I do not want to call (or maybe I do) my supervisor on her cell, just to find out what is going on.  I'm am so worried.  We need to have me work, even if it is only part time. I need to have courage to go to work on MOnday.  I almost would like to call in sick.


Robin (Tqmnurse) said...

Shelley....I say you did the right thing! Have strength and courage to know you did what you had to do! As a nurse that has seen lots...and has been afraid ..I've learned it's best to be a patient advocate...always!!!!
Follow your heart on this matter....document in your own files what, time, who, what, when, where and will give you a leg to stand on in the future should you need it....and if you are unclear on what transpires sure to go to the next level with any concerns....drop me an email with you tele # and I'll call you if you want to talk in depth about this...

Scrapdango Monthly Kit Club said...

Shelley, you definitely did the right thing. It seems like by the time I saw your post that Monday should have already came. Hope everything is o.k.