Monday, October 27, 2008

October 27, 2008

I have been busy scrapping layouts and a few cards. i posted 2 of my cards on my favorite site, I will try to post them here, but if I am unable to, you can view them there. We celebrated our 9th anniversary with 3 pound lobsters at our favorite restaurant, The Station House. After that, we continued the celebration at Friendly's with ice cream sundaes and sodas. Work has been slow. I was off work on Friday, so because my shingles pain is still with me, I opted to have another series of steroid injuections into my abdominal nerves. Thank G-d for drugs, as I didn't feel a thing. I am working tomorrow, and then off again on wednesday. i did apply for 2 jobs on line today. I sure hope that something comes up soon for full time. It is difficutl meeting the bills when you are only working about 25 hours a week!

Here is the first card that I made for my husband's aunt and uncle for their anniversary. We are seeing them Friday to celebrate with them.

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