Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Kitchen?

Well, Ed had someone over yesterday to give us their idea on what we should do with our very small kitchen. I am very ambivalent about redoing the kitchen. In one way I really want to move to a 55 and over community, but in another way, I do love the layout of my house, just that there is not one project completed! There is always an obstacle, (usually called, ED) in my way. I would have finished the living room, but because HE isn't ready to get a new T.V., I need to wait until I look for a new wall unit or console. Right now we have a very large projection T.V., which works just fine, but I can't get a unit around it as I know that when it goes, we are going to get a flat screen. It is sooo frustrating. So right now, I guess we will just concentrate on the kitchen for now. It will always be a good renting or selling point in the future, and we can enjoy it now. when we decide what we are going to do, I will post a picture of what it looks like now, the plans, and when it is finished, the final look.

Please wish me well with this project, and that we don't "kill" each other!

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GinniG said...

I think you need to leave when the remodeling's going on! That way you won't kill each other. On second thought, though, if you stay you'll at least make sure it gets done the way YOU want it to.... Saying prayers for both of you! :)